Monthly Membership: $190/m 
3 Month Membership: $540 ($180/m) 
6 Month Membership: $1020($170/m)  
1 Year Membership: $1920($160/m) w/ year contract and lump sum payment

Each in studio membership includes:

  • 24/7 access to studio when classes and events are not scheduled
  • Personal Shelf Space = Over 6' of shelving at roughly 14" tall by 24" deep
  • A 10% discount on private lessons, specialty events and workshops.
  • Access to studio glazes, wheels, wedging tables and firing services.
  • Access to limited amounts of underglazes
  • Option to participate in studio sales.
  • 1/2 hour orientation to the studio
  • Access to a growing community of skill sharing potters and good people!


  • Members must have completed a class at the studio: some exceptions made.
  • $20 non-refundable deposit + $50 refundable deposit to be made with the first payment.
  • Payments must be made by the first of the month. All payments are accepted. Credit Cards will be charged a 3% service charge.
  • Cone 6 Clay only is sold at $35.00 per #25lb bag. A surcharge of $25 dollars will be added for use of outside clay.
  • The studio is closed to members during scheduled classes, events and workshops.
  • Priority for drop in hours goes to students. If there is space available the day of and/or you need to check on your pots come on in. 
  • Members will be expected to keep things clean and flowing smoothly and be a good example for students. One shall mop around wheel used, workstation & personal shelving, and wipe down any surface that they used. 
  • Members will participate is quarterly meet, greet and clean events.
  • No bff’s, bf’s, hubbies, kiddos, or pets hanging out (unless they are a paying member/student)
  • Studio operator has right to terminate lease agreement if they see fit.


Monthly Membership: $100 (minimum 3 month commitment) 

Membership Lite is for those who want to work primarily at home but would like access to the studio from time to time. 

  • Access to studio glazes
  • Firing fees are discounted
  • Access to Shimpo Slab Roller 
  • 10% off workshops and classes


Monthly Membership: $225 (minimum 3 month commitment) 

A Wheel at Home Membership is for those who would like to use a studio wheel at home and still have access to glazes and community. 

  • Access to studio glazes
  • Firing fees are discounted
  • Access to Shimpo Slab Roller 
  • 10% off workshops and classes