Monthly Membership: $190/m (min. 2 months)
3 Month Membership: $540 ($180/m) 
6 Month Membership: $1020($170/m)  
1 Year Membership: $1920($160/m) w/ year contract and lump sum payment

Each in studio membership includes:

  • 24/7 access to studio when classes and events are not scheduled
  • Personal Shelf Space = Over 6' of shelving at roughly 14" tall by 24" deep
  • A 10% discount on private lessons, specialty events and workshops.
  • Access to studio glazes, wheels, wedging tables and firing services.
  • Access to limited amounts of underglazes
  • Option to participate in studio sales.
  • 1/2 hour orientation to the studio
  • Access to a growing community of skill sharing potters and good people!


  • Members must have completed a class at the studio: some exceptions made.
  • $25 non-refundable deposit + $50 refundable deposit to be made with the first payment.
  • Payments must be made by the first of the month. All payments are accepted. Credit Cards will be charged a 3% service charge.
  • Cone 6 Clay only is sold at $35.00 per #25lb bag. A surcharge of $25 dollars will be added for use of outside clay (this covers the cost of glazes/firings/loading)
  • The studio is closed to members during scheduled classes, events and workshops.
  • Members will be expected to clean up after themselves. le mop around wheel used, workstation & personal shelving, and wipe down any surface that they used. 
  • Members will participate is quarterly meet, greet and clean events.
  • No bff’s, bf’s, hubbies, kiddos, or pets hanging out (unless they are a paying member/student)
  • Studio operator has right to terminate lease agreement if they see fit.


Monthly Membership: $100 (minimum 3 month commitment) 

Membership Lite is for those who want to work primarily at home but would like access to the studio from time to time. See open hours for times available. 

  • Access to studio clays 
  • Access to studio glazes
  • Access to Shimpo Slab Roller 
  • Use of Wall Mounted Extruder and dies. 
  • 10% off workshops and classes


Monthly Membership: $225(minimum 3 month commitment) 

A Wheel at Home Membership is for those who would like to use a studio wheel at home and still have access to glazes and community. 

  • Access to studio glazes
  • Firing fees are discounted
  • Access to Shimpo Slab Roller 
  • 10% off workshops and classes